Rates of Foreclosure in Florida Remain Extremely High

The rates of foreclosure in Florida are among the highest in the entire country.  Since the housing bubble burst, Florida has been the poster child of the predatory lending practices of banks.  There have been so many foreclosure mortgages in Florida, that many foreclosed upon homes sit vacant, falling into a state of disrepair.  Many homeowners have chosen to stay in their homes, confused by everything happening and lack of communication from their lenders.  Some people have continued to make partial payments with what they can afford, or have simply left their mortgages unpaid.  The foreclosure Florida crisis has gotten so bad that Florida, along with 22 other states, decided to put a temporary halt to all foreclosure proceedings until the banks could clear up exactly what was going on.  

This freeze did lead to a drop in the number of foreclosures in Florida, which led some people to speculate that maybe the worst of it was over. We have already witnessed the rates of foreclosure in Florida begin to rise, though, as more foreclosure mortgage cases begin to work their way through the courts. Now that banks have been able to proceed once again, those greedy banks are back on the offensive trying to force people from their homes.

If you are facing foreclosure in Florida, there is still time to keep from losing your home, but you have to act fast and be prepared to fight back against predatory lenders.  The best way to do this if you are confronted with foreclosure is by using the information a securitization audit can provide you.

A securitization audit examines your loan documents and determines if the bank has securitized your mortgage and done so correctly.  If a securitization audit shows that this process has been done incorrectly, then the lender pushing through foreclosure mortgages may not actually have any legal right to foreclose on your home, and any attempts at foreclosure would be a wrongful foreclosure and therefore illegal.  A detailed securitization audit illustrating the wrongdoing of the banks could stop the foreclosure of your home.

If you are trying to fight foreclosure in Florida, there is no time to waste and you should have your home loan undergo a securitization audit.  Not only will you potentially gain very tangible evidence that will help you fight foreclosure in court, but you could also potentially stop the wrongful foreclosure of your home

This is why if you need foreclosure help, you should not hesitate to contact Tila Solutions to give you the foreclosure help you need.  For over a decade, Tila Solutions has been looking out for the homeowner with their Loan Audits and securitization audits.  If you need help stopping foreclosure, a Tila Solutions Consultant is available by telephone at (702) 508-0335.  Or you can visit the Tila Solutions website at what is foreclosure.